Special Message From The Desk of Prophet Climate

Welcome! Hi my name is Prophet Climate and I’m really excited that you have arrived here. One thing that you need to know is that the decision you make today will determine your tomorrow. Today you have made that right decision and I can guarantee you in the next few days, your tomorrow is going to get right.

The truth is, that whatever is happening in the physical realm is always parallel to what is happening in the spiritual realm. That is why apostle Paul said that what we see is temporary, and what we don’t see is permanent (2 Corinthians 4:18) Everything in the physical has to rotate around what is spiritual.

All of our deliverance programs have been designed specifically to deal with foundational issues in your life. By you investing in one or more of these programs you are dealing with the permanent root of your problem, which is spiritual. As a result, in a matter of days and weeks, you will begin to see the manifestation and the changes that you desire physically. This is the best decision that you can ever make in life.

Child of God for the past 20 years I have been mentoring students one by one, healing people and getting them delivered as they attend my live deliverance sessions in person. Thousands have been set free and many testified, but due to increasing demand I have now introduced these brand new powerful deliverance programs online, designed for you to use to get life changing results without even having to leave your house.

Child of God what is it that you have been crying out to God for? Have the doctors given up hope? Has your marriage given up hope? Has your career or business given up hope? Well God has not given up on you. In fact, the only reason you aren’t where you want to be is because of something you don’t know.

I believe that you can never change who you are until change what you do. You can never change what you do until you change what you know. The difference between failure and success in life is information. If you have a dream that is 4 x 2 then that’s how far you can think, until somebody touches your shoulder and says, Hey there’s another one that is 8 x 4. I believe this is the moment. Every long journey begins with a simple step, and the step you take today to invest in one of our programs is going to be life changing. I believe right now that as you begin these programs, you are beginning because God wants you to be delivered, He wants you to experience the good life he has planned for you.

The Bible says “Listen! The LORD’s arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call.” Isaiah 59:1 NIV

I believe with all my spirit that God has seen your tears, God has heard your cry, God has seen your sorrows and what is going around in your life. And I believe today is the day that God is going to begin to set you free.

You may have been in that same situation for YEARS but I’ll tell you one thing, and I’ve said it time and time again, that God will never assign your deliverance until He assigns you a deliverer. You ask me why?

• The Children of Israel were stuck in bondage for 400 years UNTIL Moses came to deliver them. (Exodus 3)

• The woman with the issue of the blood had bled for 12 years UNTIL she touched the hem of Jesus. (Luke 8:43-44)
• The woman whom “satan has kept bound for eighteen long years” stayed that way UNTIL Jesus came for her! (Luke 13:16)
• A paralytic man was in the same condition for 38 Years UNTIL Jesus met him at the Miracle Pool (John 5)

The Bible tells us that this woman visited so many doctors and suffered much as a result. You may have come across other prophets, other teachers, other phsyicans, maybe some of them you suffered from, you never got the answer. But I believe this is your last bus stop, I can feel the connection we have. And as you tap to the hem of this deliverance program, all your problems are going to disappear.

The step you take today is going to change your life for good. I believe this is your time for a miracle. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in that condition, I came to let you know your season has come. This is your set time. I believe that God has CONNECTED me and you for a plan and a purpose – Because it’s YOUR SET TIME to be Free! It’s YOUR TIME to come out of captivity! It’s YOUR TIME to be Delivered! To be Healed! And to be Restored!

I believe with all my heart that as you participate into these deliverance programs your life will never be the same again, so I want to welome you into the ring of champions, into the ring of favour. Because what you are going to discover is not only going to change you but change your generation for good. God bless you and the Lord keep you.

Master Prophet

Prophet Climate