For over 10 years Pastor Clear has been working alongside the Master Prophet, overseeing the Partners Office with the ministry and coordinating the online deliverance programs. Her years of first-hand experience allows her to bring something truly unique to the ministry and enable others to grow and change through sharing the wisdom God has given her through going through her own tests and trials of life. When it comes to her mentorship, she does not hold back, often discussing sensitive but important topics to help bring spiritual maturity to others. She teaches with honesty and power, allowing others to understand the Word of God for themselves so that they can apply it to their lives and begin to see results. Within the deliverance programs, she regularly holds online training classes to help students:

  • grow and mature in their relationship with God
  • learn how to be patient during trials
  • develop their faith
  • overcome negative behaviours and thought patterns that keep them in bondage
  • experience the goodness of God in all areas of their lives
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