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So You Want To Be A Prophet? ...Then Let Me Teach You! 

"Put your destiny into capable hands and I'll turn you into a first rate Prophet or Prophetess. I've been doing it successfully for years...Come and sit at the feet of Master Prophet and learn how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit!"

I'll teach you how to hear from God accurately, how to discern between spirits, how to develop the ability to prophesy and see into the future. And most importantly how to build your own ministry as a prophet or prophetess of God. 

If you are called into or gifted with a prophetic ministry, come and learn Live - Here In London from the Master Prophet as he unveil for the first time ever, everything you need to develop and walk out your prophetic calling in this 12-Month Prophetic Coaching Program.

Do you feel like you are called into prophetic ministry? Do you think God has gifted you in the area of prophecy, visions, dreams, and reading of signs? Do you feel like there is a calling of God on your life to prophesy but you are being spiritually and physically blocked?  

For the first time ever, after many years of prayer, God has led Master Prophet Climate to open up a special Prophetic Training School in order to equip those who have been called into Prophetic Ministry with the knowledge and power to operate in the prophetic anointing and develop their own prophetic ministry if they choose.  

If you are called into or gifted with a prophetic ministry, come and learn from the Master Prophet as he unveils for the first time ever, everything you need to develop and walk out your prophetic calling in this 12-Month Prophetic Coaching Program.  



Master Prophet Climate is considered one of the world's leading spiritual leader A Master Prophet an expert in Divinity, human behavior and in personal development. He is the founder of the Prophet Climate Academy, a private research and education Institute with a curriculum of over 40 different courses covering multiple aspects of human spirit development and Deliverance. He is a revered global authority on spiritual leadership; outstanding negotiator, many business professionals, cooperate leaders. Politicians and governmental leaders seek him for guidance and counsel.  

He possesses a special ability to see the invisible, hears the inaudible, deal with the impossible, read and see the future like an open book and he now welcomes you to take the first step towards success and freedom.  

Be it stagnation of business,ministry, progression of your career, calling, spiritual bondage, physical limitations, financial struggle and emotional captivity, Master Prophet Climate will bring your long awaited calling to light and manifestation.  

Join Master Prophet LIVE in London for the 12-Month Modules Prophetic Mastery Program 

If you feel called or gifted into the Prophetic Ministry, this is your opportunity to be trained by one of the very best to develop and hone your gifts and learn how to develop your own prophetic ministry. This 12 Month Module Program will be covering the following: 

  • Discernment of Spirits
  • Discernment of Voices
  • Meditation
  • Visions
  • Dreams
  • Reading Signs
  • Understanding Prophetic People, Ministry & Tasks (Prophetic Foundations Part 1)
  • The Role of the Prophet & Operating in the Gifts of Prophecy (Prophetic Foundations Part 2)
  • Testing & Trials in Ministry
  • Confirmation & Approval in Ministry
  • Progress & Advancement in Ministry
  • Persistence & Fruitfulness in Ministry  

Each Lesson of The Prophetic Mastery Program Will Develop Your Gifts & Teach You How To Hear From God, Becoming A True & Accurate Prophet

Each lesson in this program has been specifically designed to help you master each area of the Prophetic Anointing first before understanding your role as a prophet and what to expect while building your own ministry.  

Here’s what you’ll learn as you go through each of the modules in the course:


Developing Your Human Spirit Part 1 - Discernment of Spirits  

For you to develop into a completely flawless prophetic ministry, you must first understand the three major important spirits that influence Prophecy. In this Lesson I will be teaching students how to discern between the different spirits so that you will know what you are dealing with and how to act accordingly. 


Developing Your Human Spirit Part 2 - Discernment of Voices  

There are many voices that talk to us throughout the day. Your ability to prophesy accurately is contingent on knowing how to weed through the wrong ones and tune into God's voice. In this lesson, I teach you how to discern between the three major voices (the Voice of God, the voice of man and the voice of the devil)


Developing Your Human Spirit Part 3 - Meditation  

From the time of Joshua in the Old Testament, God instructed us to meditate in order to be successful. Meditation today has become a thing of Eastern religions and almost forgotten about or shunned upon in Christianity. But it is a simple way of tuning into God and a pivotal practise to develop your prophetic anointing. 


Developing Your Human Spirit Part 4 - Visions  

The ability to see visions is a great gift to have when operating in the prophetic anointing, but most importantly it's for anyone willing to tap into it.  

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions (Joel 2:28)  


Developing Your Human Spirit Part 5 - Dreams & Interpretations  

Almost everyone dreams at night but most of us have no recollection or no understanding of what we dreamt. Yet God has given us this amazing instrument of foresight if we know how to use it properly. In this lesson I teach you the truth about dreams, how to dream correctly, and how to interpret them successfully. 


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